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Nitesh Baranwal |17 May at 10:05

1.Can Anybody help me out about "GCD" in detail. I am facing problem to understand "Threading" ,"Multithreading" 

2. Differnce between "Any and anyObject" while using "Dictionary" .

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fleek itsolutions15 Apr at 07:04

GCD: Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) is Apple's API for managing concurrent operations. It simplifies threading by providing a high-level interface for executing tasks concurrently.

Threading vs. Multithreading: Threading is the process of executing multiple threads concurrently within a single process. Multithreading specifically refers to using multiple threads to achieve parallelism and improve performance.

"Any" vs. "AnyObject" in Dictionary:

Any: Can represent an instance of any type, including classes, structs, and enums.
AnyObject: Represents an instance of any class type.

Could not locate device support files.

Dhananjay Kumar |23 May at 08:05

Getting alert after running IOS application :

Could not locate device support files.
This iPhone 6 is running iOS 12.2 (16E227), which may not be supported by this version of Xcode.

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Dhananjay Kumar23 May at 01:05

i have same problem and fix with download the file is :
and unzip and paste on below directory:

After past restart the xcode, if not work then restart mac system.

Google Api Key

Nitesh Baranwal |22 May at 12:05

I am suffering from google api key when implementing google autocomplete location picker. I am getting an error while importing its dependecies along with its delegates method. can anybody  help me for implementing this.

thanks in Advance.

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waseem ansari21 May at 11:05

Dont know

I have a project that requires me writing codes with Perl. I downloaded Perl and Xcode but, I still can't make them work together to execute simple programs coded on TextEdit. Please help with a step-by-step guide on how to do this. Thank you

Can anyone help me ??

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I have to show a popup message on my website if my mobile app installs then call for access mobile app & if not installed then call for download app.


Anyone have an idea with how to do with javascript, please suggest.

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Dhananjay Kumar20 Jun at 02:06

I have reviewed lots and doing R&D, but not getting the solution.
Finally, we have done the below things.
1) App installation with store Device Number and Device Name using web-service.
2) On the website with help of javascript getting mobile Device Number and Device Name and that's search inside the database and accordingly showing the message app installed or not.

Missing Info.plist key - This app attempts to access privacy-sensitive data without a usage description. The app's Info.plist must contain an NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription key with a string value explaining to the user how the app uses this data.

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