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How to get fields value of post_type taxonomy terms?

Dhananjay Kumar |22 Mar at 06:03

In Wp-admin we have created a post_type and taxonomy. In taxonomy added lots of terms data with additional fields. We want to show that fields value in front end behalf of a slug.

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Sanjana Kumari22 Mar at 06:03

Please use this below code, its help you
//$current_id = get_the_ID();
$slug=$uri[2]; // slug getting from address of URL
$taxonomy_names = get_term_by('slug',$slug,'taxonomy_name_pass');
// print_r( $taxonomy_names );
echo $taxonomy_names->term_id
echo $taxonomy_names->name
echo $taxonomy_names->description
// for use with advance or custome fields below query
$term_meta = get_term_meta( $taxonomy_names->term_id );
echo $term_meta[fileds_name][0];


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