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Nitesh Baranwal |17 May at 10:05

1.Can Anybody help me out about "GCD" in detail. I am facing problem to understand "Threading" ,"Multithreading" 

2. Differnce between "Any and anyObject" while using "Dictionary" .

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fleek itsolutions15 Apr at 07:04

GCD: Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) is Apple's API for managing concurrent operations. It simplifies threading by providing a high-level interface for executing tasks concurrently.

Threading vs. Multithreading: Threading is the process of executing multiple threads concurrently within a single process. Multithreading specifically refers to using multiple threads to achieve parallelism and improve performance.

"Any" vs. "AnyObject" in Dictionary:

Any: Can represent an instance of any type, including classes, structs, and enums.
AnyObject: Represents an instance of any class type.


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